Lee Biosolutions offers a variety of high purity biochemicals and reagents, as well as solutions, buffers and diluents. We are an industry leading manufacturer of high quality biochemical products used in a wide range of applications, from biopharmaceuticals to cell culture media, clinical diagnostic manufacturing and life science research around the world. 

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L-(+)-Lactic Acid
Catalog No: 950-20 Form: Crystalline Powder
950-20 Organic > 99% (Titration) Crystalline Powder More Info
L-(+)-Lactic Acid - 30% Solution
Catalog No: 950-10 Form: Aqueous Solution
950-10 Organic 30% Solution Aqueous Solution More Info
Leukocyte Elastase, Unsonicated
Catalog No: 341-10 Form: Liquid
341-10 Human Leukocytes Blood Fraction Liquid More Info
Leukocytes, Sonicated
Catalog No: 342-10 Form: Liquid
342-10 Human Leukocytes Blood Fraction Liquid More Info
Lithium Acetoacetate
Catalog No: 905-10 Form: Crystalline
905-10 Synthetic > 96% (Titration) Crystalline More Info