Small to Large-Scale Antigen & Enzyme Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art facility allows us for maximum flexibility and quick turnaround times for highly developed, complex manufacturing processes. From 10 mL bench-top purification to 10,000 L large-scale bulk manufacturing, we are the leading experts in biochemical purification. This capability is important for customers who need a supplier that can grow with their success and meet a high standard of quality, stability, timing and quantity requirements.

We are unique in the industry because of our historical manufacturing experience with animal and human-sourced protein extraction, purification and isolation. Our expert team of scientists are able to tailor the purification development, process chromatography and protein characterization so that our clients can obtain the right product for their final application.

Processing Capacity: Milligram to Kilogram

Small-Scale: 5 mL – 20 L

Medium-Scale: 20 L – 100 L

Large-Scale: 100 L – 10,000 L

Example Techniques:

Extraction: Aqueous, Solvent, Detergent, Digestion

Clarification: Precipitation, Centrifugation, UF/DF

Chromatography: SEC, Affinity, Ion-Exchange

Viral Clearance: Filtration, Solvent Detergent, Pasteurization

Final Processing: Blending, Lyophilization, Formulated Liquid

Analytical: Clinical Analyzers, ELISA, Electrophoresis, HPLC