Biological Material

Lee Biosolutions is a global leader in standard and specialized biological collections and specimens for research and manufacturing communities alike. Whether you're need to isolate a protein you can't find on in the marketplace or you're in the design, development the validation of your new assay or platform, our products are collected to ensure quality and suitability for your needs. 

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf products, typically normal single donor or pooled biologics, but have access to donors, clinical labs and hospitals across the United States. No collection is too small, from a one-time single sample need, to a 5,000 specimen collection, we have a solution for you. Examples of our collection ranges are:

✚ Age-Specific

✚ Gender-Specific

✚ Race-Specific

✚ Time-Specific

✚ Disease-Specific

✚ Standardized Biologics

✚ Concentrated Biologics

✚ Lyophilized Biologics

Take a look at our listed products, or challenge us with your hard-to-find requirements.