Beta-2 Microglobulin (B2M)

Catalogue Number: 126-14
Product Name Beta-2 Microglobulin
Source Recombinant
Catalogue Number 126-14
Form Lyophilized
Purity > 95% (HPLC)
Expression System E.coli
Protein Report mg protein/vial (E0.1%280nm = 1.47)
Sequence Full length (B2MG_Human 21-119)
Formulation Powder lyophilized from sodium citrate, pH 7.0.
Reconstitution Reconstitute with phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.4 with 0.05% sodium azide.
Related Products GB2-80A - Goat anti-Human B2M polyclonal antibody
126-12 - B2M antigen from human urine - Liquid
431-11 - Myoglobin antigen from human heart
Storage -20°C
Recertification 5 years
Synonyms r-hB2M, r-B2M
Molecular Weight 11,731

Lee Biosolutions is the leading producer and supplier of recombinant Beta-2 Microglobulin (B2M) for use in medical research and manufacturing of clinical diagnostic assays.

Custom preparations, technical support, bulk quantities and aliquoting available, email for more details.

Serum beta-2 Microglobulin, an endogenous marker for renal function, has been shown to be an independent predictor of mortality in older adults.

The characteristics of B2M make it useful as a tumor marker for some blood cell cancers, for detecting kidney damage, and for distinguishing between glomerular and tubular disorders of the kidney. It is not diagnostic for a specific disease, but it gives the doctor additional information about someone's likely prognosis and about the health of their kidneys.

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