Ferritin Light Chain (FTL)

Catalogue Number: 270-48
Product Name Ferritin Light Chain
Source Human Liver
Catalogue Number 270-48
Purity > 95% (SDS-PAGE)
Form Liquid
Protein 1 - 5 mg/mL (Lowry)
Electrophoresis One major band observed, corresponds to Ferritin Light Chain
Formulation Solution in tris buffered sodium chloride, pH 7.5, with bromo-nitro-dioxane and methylisothiazolone as preservatives.
Appearance Clear, reddish-brown solution
Storage 2-8°C
Recertification 3 years
Synonyms FTL, LFTD, NBIA3, ferritin, light polypeptide, ferritin light chain

Lee Biosolutions is a producer and manufacturer of human liver Ferritin for medical research and manufacturing of clinical diagnostic assays, including ones for anemia and restless leg syndrome.

Technical support, bulk quantities and aliquoting available, email Info@leebio.com for more details.

Human Ferritin is a globular protein found mainly in the liver, which can store about 4,500 iron ions in a hollow shell made of 24 identical subunits. Inside the human ferritin shell, iron ions form crystallites together with phosphate and hydroxide ions.

Human Serum ferritin levels are measured in patients as part of the iron studies workup for anemia and for restless leg syndrome. Human ferritin levels have a direct correlation with the total amount of iron stored in the body. Human Ferritin levels are also indicative of the erosion of iron stores during pregnancy.

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