Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase (gGT)

Catalogue Number: 315-10
Availability Discontinued - Replaced with 315-15
Product Name gamma-Glutamyl Transferase
Source Bovine Kidney
Catalogue Number 315-10
Purity Purified
Form Lyophilized
Activity > 15 U/mg (Dimension® Clinical Chemistry System)
Unit Definition One unit will catalyze the transfer of one micromole of the glutamyl moiety from gamma-glutamyl-3-carboxy-4-nitranilide to glycylglycine per minute at 37°C
Protein > 0.2 mg protein/mg solid (Coomassie)
Specific Activity > 30 U/mg protein
Contaminants ALP: < 0.2% (Dimension® Clinical Chemistry System)
CPK: < 1%
LDH: < 1%
SGOT/AST: < 1%
SGPT/ALT: < 0.01%
Ammonia: < 0.1 micromole/mg
Formulation Lyophilized from tris acetate, pH 7.0.
Reconstitution > 1 mg/mL in tris buffered saline, 1% BSA, pH 8.0.
Appearance Tan Powder
Related Products 480-20 - ALP from calf intestines
310-30 - ALT/GPT from porcine heart
300-20 - AST/GOT from porcine heart
Storage -20°C
Recertification 3 years
Product Specificity Liver damage or disease
Synonyms Gamma-Glutamyltranspeptidase, Gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase, gGT, gamma-GT, GGTP
CAS Number 9046-27-9
E.C. Number

Lee Biosolutions is the largest manufacturer of Bovine Kidney gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase, Gamma-glutamyl transferase (gGT/GGTP). Single batch sizes of 100,000 kU.

Custom preparations, technical support, bulk quantities and aliquoting available, email for more details.

Detection of liver disease, obstructive jaundice, cholangitis, infectious hepititus, and cholecystitis. gamma-Glutamyltransferase (gGT/GGTP) test is used to detect diseases of the liver, bile ducts, and kidney; and to differentiate liver or bile duct (hepatobiliary) disorders from bone disease.

Our Bovine Kidney gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidase (gGT/GGTP) is used in multi-analyte clinical chemistry controls and calibrators for major IVD manufacturers around the world. We are able to custom purify Bovine Kidney gGT to meet your specific application.

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