Phosphoglucomutase (PGM)

Catalogue Number: 490-76
Product Name Phosphoglucomutase
Source Rabbit Muscle
Catalogue Number 490-76
Purity Purified
Form Lyophilized
Activity Reported in U/mg
Unit Definition One unit will catalyze the conversion of 1.0 μmole of α-D-glucose 1-phosphate to α-D-glucose 6-phosphate per min at pH 7.4 at 30°C.
Protein Reported mg protein/mg solid (E0.1%280nm = 0.77)
Specific Activity > 100 U/mg protein
Contaminants LDH: < 0.1%
PK: < 0.05%
Phosphoglucose Isomerase: < 1%
Custom purification available, inquire at for more details.
Formulation Powder, lyophilized from 50 mM sodium citrate, 3 mM DTT, pH 6.5.
Appearance White to off-white powder
Solubility Clear, colorless to faint yellow (1 mg/mL saline)
Recertification 3 years
Storage -20°C
Synonyms a-D-Glucose-1,6-bisphosphatase, a-D-Glucose-1-phosphate phosphotransferase, Phosphoglucomutase-1, PGM-1, PGM 1, Glucose phosphomutase 1
Gene PGM1
CAS Number 9001-81-4
E.C. Number

Lee Biosolutions produces Phosphoglucomutase from rabbit muscle for diagnostic manufacturing and research applications. Phosphoglycomutase is used to interconvert glucose 1-phosphate to glucose 6-phosphate. It is used to study glycogenesis and phosphoglycomutase deficiency in humans and has been used in assays to study metabolic regulation.

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