Fixed White Blood Cells (FWBC)

Catalogue Number: 750-10
Product Name Fixed White Blood Cells
Source Pooled Human Blood
Catalogue Number 750-10
Form Liquid
Cell Count 1.0 - 2.5 x 108 cells/mL
Formulation 0.45% NaCl and 0.2% Sodium Azide
Fixitive Glutaraldehyde
Appearance Tan, turbid suspension
Availability Lead time may be required
Storage 2-8°C
Recertification 1 year
Infectious Disease Testing Negative or non-reactive at the donor level for anti-HIV 1 and 2, anti-HCV, HBsAg, HIV-1 (NAT), HBV (NAT), HCV (NAT), and syphilis by FDA approved methods.
Synonyms FWBC, WBC, WBCs

Lead Time Required: Lee Biosolutions is a producer and manufacturer of Fixed White blood Cells (WBC).

Custom preparations, technical support, bulk quantities and aliquoting available.

White Blood Cells in the blood help fight infection and produce antibodies and help protect individuals from infections. Low white cell count increases the risk of infection. Factors other than symptom duration influence the composition and evolution of the cerebral spinal fluid CSF white blood cell response to enteroviral infection. Human White blood cell(s) WBC(s) REF: The Journal of Pediatrics Volume 148, Issue 1, January 2006, Pages 118-121

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