beta-Nicotinamide-Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate (NADPH), Reduced Form

Catalogue Number: 943-30
Product Name beta-Nicotinamide-Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate
Source Yeast
Catalogue Number 943-30
Purity > 93% (Enzymatic)
Form Lyophilized
Analysis ɛ at 340 nm: 6.2 ± 0.3 x 103 L/mole/cm
ɛ at 260 nm: 14.4 ± 0.7 x 103 L/mole/cm
Residual Moisture < 8% (Karl Fischer)
Sodium 10.0 ± 2.0%
Appearance White to off-white crystalline powder
Storage -20°C
Recertification 1 year
Synonyms B-NADPH, B-TPNH, Reduced Coenzyme-II
Formula C21H26N7O17P3Na4
Formula Weight 887.4 - Tetrasodium Trihydrate, 833.4 - Tetrasodium Anhydrate, 745.4 - Anhydrous Free Acid
CAS Number 2646-71-16

Lee Biosolutions sells Coenzyme beta Nicotinamide-Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate (beta-NADPH), Reduced Form, tetrasodium salt, for life science and laboratory uses.

Custom preparations, technical support, bulk quantities and aliquoting available, email for more details.

NADPH is the reduced form of NADP+, and NADP+ is the oxidized form of NADPH. NADP+ differs from NAD+ by the presence in NADP+ of an additional phosphate group on the 2' position of the ribose ring that carries the adenine moiety.The oxidative phase of the pentose phosphate pathway is the major source of NADPH in cells, producing approximately 60% of the NADPH required.

UV Spectral Analysis, Ratios at pH 10.0: A340/A260 (0.43 ± 0.02) Extinction Coefficient 260nm(14.4 ± 0.5) x 10000 Extinction Coeffient at 340nm (6.2 ± 0.2) x 10000

Unstable in acids, but relatively stable at pH 10-11.

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