Cacodylic Acid Trihydrate, Sodium Salt, Sodium Salt

Catalogue Number: 920-30
Product Name Cacodylic Acid Trihydrate, Sodium Salt
Catalogue Number 920-30
Source Synthetic
Purity > 98% (Titration)
Form Crystalline
CAS Number 6131-99-3 (revised)
Hazard Class 6.1
UN Classification 1688
Molecular Weight 214.03
Packing Group II
Synonyms Sodium Cacodylate Trihydrate
Storage Ambient/Room Temperature

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SODIUM CACODYLATE-Cacodylic Acid Sodium Salt for reseach and bulk manufacturing use in electron microscopy

Sodium cacodylate also known as Trihydrate Dimethylarsinic acid,sodium dimethyl arsenate, Cacodylic acid sodium salt, is frequently used as a buffering agent during the preparation and fixation of biological samples for transmission in electron microscopy.

Sodium Cacodylate is toxic and will only be shipped by ground transportation.

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