Critical Raw Material Manufacturer

Lee Biosolutions, Inc. is a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of critical raw materials for the in vitro diagnostic market, specializing in the purification of antigens, proteins, enzymes, antibodies, biochemicals and biologics. Our products are used for such pathologies as cardiac disease, cancer, diabetes, urinalysis, coagulation, obesity, inflammation, neurological, autoimmune diseases and immunological disorders.

Common uses of our products include manufacturing of:

  • Analytical Quality Controls
  • Calibration/Verification Products
  • Reference Standards
  • Chemistry Reagents
  • External Quality Assessments (EQA)
  • Proficiency Testing Materials (PT)
  • Antibodies

Almost our entire catalog is well-suited for lyophilized or liquid-stable applications and go through a rigorous long-term stability program to ensure functionality over the entire shelf-life of your critical application.

Our expertise includes process optimization and scale-up, bioanalytical development, validation and purification of biologicals. We are known for our ability to take a bench top pilot process and scale up to commercialization that is efficient and cost effective for our clients.

We stock over 800 proteins, antigens, antibodies, biologicals and biospecimen types, and can schedule custom preparations immediately, working closely with the customer for technology transfer, process and analytical development and scale up. Whether you're a researcher at a university looking for a custom filled vial or a large company requiring a specialized biological, we are able to help you. Contact us for additional information on a new product or bulk quantities.

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