Complement Component 4c (C4c)

Product Name Complement Component 4c
Source Human Plasma
Catalogue Number 194-41
Purity > 95% (SDS-PAGE)
Form Liquid
Protein 1.0 - 5.0 mg/mL (E0.1%280nm = 0.92)
Identity Confirmed by Western Blot
Formulation 0.2 micron filtered frozen solution in phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.4.
Related Products GC4-80A - anti-Human Complement C4 polyclonal antibody
194-42 - Complement C4c antigen from human plasma - Lyophilized
194-31 - Complement C3c antigen from human plasma
Storage -20°C
Recertification 2 years
Infectious Disease Testing Negative or non-reactive at the donor level for anti-HIV 1 and 2, anti-HCV, HBsAg, HIV-1 (NAT), HBV (NAT), HCV (NAT), and syphilis by FDA approved methods.
Product Details Complement C4 (200 kDa) is composed of three polypeptide chains – α (93 kDa), β (78 kDa), and γ (33 kDa). During complement activation, C4 is cleaved by the serine protease C1s to C4a (9 kDa) and C4b (190 kDa). C4b is further cleaved by factor I to C4d (45 kDa) and C4c (140 kDa). The current protocol yields C4c, however intact C4 and/or C4b and C4d may be co-purified.
Synonyms C4, Complement C4, C4c
Molecular Weight 147,000
Gene C4A, C4B
Gene Synonyms DAMC-258G8.6, C4, C4A2, C4A3, C4A4, C4A6, C4AD, C4S, CO4, CPAMD2, RG, DADB-112B14.11-001, C4B1, C4B12, C4B2, C4B3, C4B5, C4BD, C4B_2, C4F, CH, CO4, CPAMD3
Gene ID 720, 721